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brain fart

so I woke up this morning thinking that it was a saturday morning...news kindly reminded me today is sunday... :(

child cheating...

So my child turned on her bedroom light at 6a....and now it's almost 7a, it's off. You wonder why the semi-"gripe"; she was reading. :) girl's cheating sleep with reading.

back button, please

if one has lost its way on a webpage, use the back button. maybe then one can see the other arrows the 2nd time around.


Honestly, I didn't do so well in geography/history and such, however, I do know that Orange County really is Orange County...not Los Angeles, not part of Los Angeles county, because they are two different counties. How I have to say that these two are indeed 2 is mind boggling. On a side note, no tea party for me this weekend. bah humbug to this all month halloween "celebration"


I am looking forward when Imus moves time slots for his show....bits and pieces of him is just enough for me to not understand him very well. lol


I really can't stand them. the "men" comes a close 2nd.


I don't say this enough, but my "Eddie" is all I can ever wish for.


*He* gets a nobel peace prize?!? what the hell did he do? he just got the presidency....well, if he can do it, I can too! lol

jennifer's body...

...or lack thereof. Let me give you my review on this. "Carrie"-wannabe. Instead of the loner reject gone possessed, it's the popular girl. Perhaps the "screenwriters" should try a new recreational drug to come up with a better story line. Maybe Hollywood should get together with the pr0n industry.